LMS DATA 3 Port HDMI Switch with Remote Control, Black (C-HDMI31)

LMS DATA 3 Port HDMI Switch with Remote Control, Black (C-HDMI31)

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Running out of spare HDMI ports on your TV? Need to connect an additional HDMI device such as a game console, BluRay, NAS or other device using the popular HDMI connector?

The class-leading Dynamode HDMI switch is both elegant and simplistic in operation. Simply connect to any free HDMI port on your TV, and then get extra HDMI inputs to connect your devices. Totally Plug n' Play, self-powered by the connected TV and it comes with a supplied remote control.

Highly compact and stylish, this HDMI switch uses gold plated ports for superior connection, so that you can enjoy up to 1080p video and high definition audio. Installation only takes a few moments and this device can be controller either with the included remote control or manually.

- 3 Port HDMI Input
- 1 Port HDMI Output
- Support 1080p HD Resolution
- Stylish, Compact Design
- Totally Self-Powered
- On-Board LED & Manual Switching Facility
- Gold Plated HDMI Ports, for Superior Connection
- Ideal for Adding Extra HDMI Ports
- Perfect Accessory for Your TV or Monitor
- Plug 'n' Play
- Perfect for Attaching Extra HDMI Devices Such As Consoles, BluRay etc.
- Includes Remote Control (with Battery)