LMS DATA Dual USB Devices Pocket PowerBank Charger, 11500mAh, Black (PBK-11500-B)

LMS DATA Dual USB Devices Pocket PowerBank Charger, 11500mAh, Black (PBK-11500-B)

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One of the largest capacity USB Power Banks on the market today, the new LMS Data PBK-11500 series offers an incredible 11500mAh Li-ion battery for charging the most demanding, higher capacity devices.

Forget your existing, low capacity Power Bank, the PBK-11500 is the real deal. By offering a large, 11500mAh capacity battery means you can not only charge devices quicker, but also charge larger devices such as iPad, Nexus and other devices, in some cases completely charging them to 100%.

Remarkably the size of the Power Bank can easily fit into a pocket and comes with two USB charge ports, one offering 2 Amps, ideal for the iPad family and like its smaller brother, it comes with other advanced features including LED torch with an SOS feature, on-board LED status indicator and over charge protection.

- Stylish Design
- Class Leading
- Portable Power
- Capacity: 11500mAh Li-ion Battery
- Dual USB Charge Ports, for Charging Two Devices Simultaneously
- Power: 5v DC, 1A & 2A
- Built-in LED Torch with SOS Function & MicroUSB Charging Port
- Over-charge and Short-circuit Protection
- Status LED for Charge/Charging
- Ideal for Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and Other Mobile Devices
- Colour: Black