LMS DATA BT Reference 2A Punchdown Tool, Grey/Black (TOOL-PUNCH)

LMS DATA BT Reference 2A Punchdown Tool, Grey/Black (TOOL-PUNCH)

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Looking for a low-cost but effective structured cabling punchdown tool for common, IDC terminations? The LMS Data TOOL-PUNCH is a feature-rich punch-down tool that is essential for all structured cabling systems, Cat5/5/6/6A etc. Using the BT standard 2A designation means it meets the specifics of more expensive 2A tools. Moreover, apart from the powerful, single action punch-down, automatic trimming of cabling wires is assured.

Furthermore a built-in, flip out hook system is handy for when you need to remove previously punched down wires on the IDC. An integral, flip out blade is useful for removal of data modules within faceplate itself. Ideal for both professional and private individuals looking for a competitively price d product that won't break the budget.

- BT Reference 2A Tool, Industry Standard Tooling
- Effective and Quick Punchdown to LSA IDC Termination Points
- Ideal for Patch Panels, Modules and IDC Extensions
- Spring-loaded, One Action Termination
- Automatically Trims Excess Cable During Punchdown
- Flip-out Cable Removal Hook and Module Removal Tool
- De-facto Standard for all Structured Cabling Installations
- Robust Design for Extended Usage*

* Lifespan Depends on Usage Frequency and Other Factors