SCHLEICH Wild Life Wombat Toy Figure (14834)

SCHLEICH Wild Life Wombat Toy Figure (14834)

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The wombat from Schleich Wild Life has, as it does in nature, grey-brown fur, a large head and remarkably short legs.

Wombats are small marsupials that live on the Australian continent. Their body shape doesn't make them look agile but they can be surprisingly fast. When they're not grazing the small mammals live underground, where they dig tunnels and burrows. To do this they have rodent-like teeth and wide paws with sickle-shaped claws, just like the wombat from Schleich Wild Life.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Wombat
- Highly Detailed
- Great for Fun Playtime

Fun Fact
Wombats sleep lying on their back with all four legs pointing up.

Scientific Facts
- Scientific Name: Vombatidae
- Global Home: Australia
- Conservation Status: Least Concern
- Primary Habitat: Forest