PAPO Dog and Cat Companions Dalmatian Toy Figure, Three Years or Above, Black/White (54020)

PAPO Dog and Cat Companions Dalmatian Toy Figure, Three Years or Above, Black/White (54020)

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Used in times gone by as a messenger dog in Dalmatia, it takes its name from this part of Croatia. However, it was in England that this breed enjoyed the greatest success. Still reserved for the aristocracy during the last century, it was used to escort carriages due to its elegance and stamina. It has a short, coarse coat and its patches can be either black or brown. Intelligent and abounding with energy, its friendly nature today make this a great pet, and the film 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' further added to its popularity.

Dog and Cat Companions - Whether you prefer dogs or cats, they are excellent companions, always ready to play or go for a walk.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Dalmatian
- Type: Toy Figure
- Category Group: Toys
- Category Sub-Group: Vehicles, Figures and Playsets
- Group Gender: Child
- Gender: Unisex
- Size/Scale: One Size
- Colour: Black/White
- Material: PVC
- Suitable for Children Three Years or Above
- Official Papo Licensed Merchandise

Item Notes
- Hand Painted Figurine
- Ideal Support for Play and Imagination
- Designed, Drawn and Developed in France
- Develops Dexterity and Sparks the Imagination
- Beautifully Finished and Durable
- Item Size: 101 x 65 x 29 mm
- Item Weight: 30g

For almost 25 years now, Papo has been helping younger and older children to develop and to discover the world around them. Childhood is a time of dreams and adventures, and this was what we had in mind when we decided to create, invent, innovate with a wide range of animals or characters. One constant factor which has not changed over the years is quality (the quality of the sculptures and of the materials used) which has always been our watchword and will remain so.

Warning! To Be Used Under Direct Adult Supervision. Recommended Age Three Years and Above. Not Suitable for Children Under Three Years.