SCHLEICH Horse Club Knabstrupper Mare Toy Figure (13910)

SCHLEICH Horse Club Knabstrupper Mare Toy Figure (13910)

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The coat of the graceful Knabstrupper mare from Schleich Horse Club is adorned with numerous spots. This is a typical feature of this horse breed.

Knabstrupper are from Denmark and are great therapy horses. Even anxious people quickly come to trust them. Is it her funny, dark spots on her white coat or her charming nature? The lovingly painted Knabstrupper mare by Schleich Horse Club with her relaxed and friendly pose definitely invites you to play with her straight away.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Knabstrupper Mare
- Highly Detailed
- Great for Fun Playtime

Fun Fact
Knabstruppers have a big, slightly ram-nose head with calm, honest eyes.

Scientific Facts
- Scientific Name: Equus Ferus Caballus
- Global Home: Worldwide
- Conservation Status: Domesticated