SCHLEICH Wild Life Lion Cub Toy Figure, 3 to 8 Years (14813)

SCHLEICH Wild Life Lion Cub Toy Figure, 3 to 8 Years (14813)

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After birth, lion babies have a sand-coloured fur coat with dark, circular spots. They are well camouflaged in the savannah. Within the first four to six weeks, they remain in a den. At the age of three months, they are strong enough to follow their mother wherever she goes.

The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, lovingly hand-painted with care, and provide children with educationally valuable playtime.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Lion Cub
- Schleich Figurines are Modelled in the Finest Detail
- Helps Children Learn While They Play
- Suitable for Children Aged 3 to 8 Years

Scientific Facts
- Scientific Name: Panthera Leo
- Global Home: Africa, Asia
- Conservation Status: Vulnerable
- Primary Habitat: Dry Savanna, Subtropical Shrubland, Subtropical Grassland

Fun Fact
At the age of one year, young lions can roar.