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SCHLEICH Bayala Fairy Cafe Blossom Toy Playset, Unisex, 5 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42526)

SCHLEICH Bayala Fairy Cafe Blossom Toy Playset, Unisex, 5 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42526)

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The new Fairy Cafe flower from Schleich bayala is the new fairy meeting place. Best friends Eyela and Feya also enjoy settling down at the table for a cup of coffee and a piece of blueberry cake. The cute pink unicorn foal is always there. The three of them often decorate the flower to be even prettier. With colourful stickers that can be reused again and again.

The new Fairy Cafe from Schleich bayala has everything you need for a nice little afternoon coffee among fairies. When Eyela and Feya open the flower, the first thing Feya does is put on the attachable apron and make fresh coffee for her best friend Eyela with the coffee maker on the counter. She sits comfortably in the chair at the table where a plate with yummy blueberry cake waits for her. And the cute pink unicorn foal with the cupcake marking and glitter mane also gets a piece of blueberry cake from the display case in the counter. That's the foal's favourite. Once Feya has served her friends, she likes to have a coffee herself. Afterwards, the three decorate the counter and walls with colourful stickers that can be used again and again. Before they leave, they just close the fairy cafe flower again until they come back for another relaxed afternoon.

- Premium Quality
- Item Name: Fairy Cafe Blossom
- Suitable for Young Children
- Schleich Toy Playset are Modelled in the Finest Detail
- Helps Children Learn While They Play
- Develops Creativity, Imagination, Concentration and Motor Skills in Children
- Type: Toy Playset
- Category Group: Toys & Gifts
- Category Sub-Group: Toy Figures & Playsets
- Group Gender: Child
- Gender: Unisex
- Colour: Multi-colour
- Suitable for Children 5 to 12 Years

Item Specific Notes
- Flower can be Opened and Closed!
- Figurines with Movable Arm
- With Reusable Stickers for Decorating
- With Apron to Attach
- Secure Hold Thanks to Magnets

Fun Fact
After the snack, the little foal likes to cuddle with the soft cloth pillow from the fairy cafe Flower.

The Schleich playsets are modelled with attention to detail, lovingly hand-painted with care, and provide children with educationally valuable playtime.

- 1x Coffee Shop with Display Case and Counter
- 1x Dining Table
- 1x Chair
- 1x Fairy Cafe Feya
- 1x Fairy Cafe Eyela
- 1x Unicorn Foal
- 1x Coffee Maker
- 1x Plate
- 1x Paper Lantern
- 1x Goblet
- 2x Blueberry Cake Piece
- 1x Cloth Pillow
- 1x Apron

Warning! Contains Small Parts, Choking Hazard. To Be Used Under Direct Adult Supervision. Recommend for Children 5 to 12 Years, Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years