SCHLEICH Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Toy Figure Set, Unisex, 5 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42540)

SCHLEICH Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Toy Figure Set, Unisex, 5 to 12 Years, Multi-colour (42540)

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Horse Club Sofia & Blossom from the Schleich Horse Club include the fully movable Sofia figurine, her loyal horse the Andalusian mare Blossom, plus a bridle, saddle and riding helmet.

Horse Club Sofia & Blossom from Schleich Horse Club simply belong together! Ever since the Andalusian mare gave Sofia a playful nudge the first time they met, they have been an inseparable pair. The Sofia figurine is fully movable and can not only stand up, but also ride and sit. The saddle, bridle and reins are perfect fit for the temperamental horse figurine, and Sofia wears a riding helmet and a magenta Horse Club armband - their club badge.

- Premium Quality
- Item Name: Sofia & Blossom
- Suitable for Young Children
- Schleich Toy Figure Set are Modelled in the Finest Detail
- Helps Children Learn While They Play
- Develops Creativity, Imagination, Concentration and Motor Skills in Children
- Type: Toy Figure Set
- Category Group: Toys & Gifts
- Category Sub-Group: Toy Figures & Playsets
- Group Gender: Child
- Gender: Unisex
- Colour: Multi-colour
- Suitable for Children 5 to 12 Years

Item Specific Notes
- The Sofia Figurine is Fully Movable!
- Interchangeable Hairstyle, Torso and Legs!
- Figurine, Saddle and Bridles Removable

Fun Fact
Sofia spends a lot of time with Blossom and has exciting stories to tell.

The Schleich figure sets are modelled with attention to detail, lovingly hand-painted with care, and provide children with educationally valuable playtime.

- 1x Girl
- 1x Horse
- 1x Riding Helmet
- 1x Saddle
- 1x Bridle with Reins
- 1x Arm Band

Warning! Contains Small Parts, Choking Hazard. To Be Used Under Direct Adult Supervision. Recommend for Children 5 to 12 Years, Not Suitable for Children Under 3 Years