SCHLEICH Bayala Moon Unicorn Stallion Toy Figure (70578)

SCHLEICH Bayala Moon Unicorn Stallion Toy Figure (70578)

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This proud stallion is a moon unicorn and, with his friendly, alert eyes, always keeps watch over his family - the star Pegasus mare and their shooting star unicorn foal. Even though he is just as shy and mysterious as other unicorns, you can still sense the power and temperament of a stallion who accepts his role as protector with body and soul.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Winged Rainbow Unicorn Foal
- Highly Detailed
- Great for Fun Playtime
- Not Suitable for Ages 0 to 3 Years

Fun Fact
The proud moon unicorn stallion is a courageous protector and he shows that very clearly.

Warning! Not Suitable for Children Under Three Years Due to Swallowable Small Parts, Choking Hazard.